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Sunrise or Sunset? Choosing the best time for your photoshoot

If you are wondering when the best time of day is for your photoshoot, I have created this guide to give you some insight into deciding whether sunrise or sunset is better suited to you and your family.

Golden hour.. the most magic time of day. When scheduling your photoshoot it will be held either an hour before the sun sets or an hour after it rises as this is when light is at it's softest and most flattering.

I am confident in my ability to take great photographs of you at any time of the day however this time of day is truly when the magic happens.


The first thing to know if you are looking to book a beach session is that the sun rises over the ocean in the east coast of Australia. So if you are dreaming of that soft, hazy light then sunrise is the perfect time for you.

At sunrise, there is generally less people at a location which can create a more relaxing environment. The light quality changes quickly at this time of morning which means we will need to be ready to go by first light. This often means waking up in the middle of the night, however I promise the missed sleep is totally worth it. If you have children who are naturally early risers, this can be a great time of day as children are usually happiest upon waking.

It's worth considering that hair and make up appointments can be tricky for these sessions so please reach out and I can recommend make up artists who can accommodate for this time of morning.


If you aren't a morning person then you may already know that sunset is the time for you. At sunset, the lighting is usually more dramatic and vivid. Depending on the location you choose, it's possible this time of day will be busier so consider this if you are camera shy and would prefer less people around. Keeping in mind that it's my job to help you feel comfortable and relax into the experience so ideally, you'll forget that anyone else is around regardless! Sunset is recommended for families of younger children who may need more time to warm up to the camera.

Every family has a different lifestyle so what works for one family is entirely different for the next. It can be so empowering to capture your photoshoot at sunrise and have the rest of the day left to enjoy. Likewise, watching the sunset has a way of feeling like time has slowed. Both are equally beautiful and I hope this guide helps you to choose the best time for your photoshoot.

If you still aren't quite sure and want to chat more then please reach out.

We really are in this together, I want you to have amazing photos!


Anna Majstorovic Photography


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